What’s trending in carpet flooring colors?

What’s trending in carpet flooring colors?

Gone are the days when the floor disappeared into the background. Then, wall-to-wall carpeting colors were always pale yellow, off-white, or beige.

Today, the colors are bold and bright. The floor is now often a focal point and a place to make a stunning design statement.

Neutrals: warm, rich, earth tones

Neutrals will never go out of style. The definition of the word "neutral" has changed a little, though.

Gone are the traditional (and, frankly) bland off-white and beige hues of a wall-to-wall floor covering. Instead, they are with deeper and rich earth tones.

If you want to stay classic but add more excitement, do it with carpet textures, such as a ribbed rug, frieze, or cut and loop.

Two new neutrals

Designers love the color blue, especially when it has hints of gray. It’s easy to coordinate around, and this shade adds color while not overwhelming the space.

Gray sets the tone of an excellent, contemporary space. This color is chic.

It’s easy to coordinate around. Gray carpeting provides a neutral backdrop for other shades like aqua, green, jewel tones, and black and white.

The boldest yet: jewel-tones

Jewel tones are the colors of, well, jewels. They include vivid reds, oranges, greens, black, white, yellows, etc.

If you aren't quite ready to go all-in on these shades, you can always dip a toe in. First, choose something more neutral when you visit our carpet store. Then go into our custom rug dept, who will design a brightly colored area rug to layer the broadloom.

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