What is Berber carpet?

What is Berber carpet?

Carpet buying is an exciting time that affords you plenty of options in visuals, durability, and additional attributes and benefits that meet almost any need for any room. It also provides a useful lifespan that can save you money over time.

Berber carpet is widely utilized

Berber carpet is known for a looped pile made of fibers such as nylon, polyester, and wool, that provides a lifespan that can range from 10 to 20 years or more. Of course, the higher the carpeting quality you choose, the longer the lifespan will be, and the more durable the materials.

Some of the many things you will enjoy about Berber include affordable, durable options that are easy to clean, hide dirt and debris well, and handle an excessive amount of heavy foot traffic. With characteristics like these, you will find them an excellent addition to almost every room where carpeting is required, especially bedrooms and living rooms.

As with all soft surface flooring, Berber products should include an underpadding that features a lower thickness and works well with a lower density. Choosing padding that is not rated for your carpet floor covering can void your warranty and cause the product to wear, ripple, or bunch, resulting in a shorter-than-normal lifespan.

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