Nylon vs. polyester: What is the difference?

Nylon vs. polyester: What is the difference?

Fibers matter when it’s time to choose a floor covering for your home and can work to give you the longest possible lifespan based on your home's activity levels. In today's post, we will talk with you specifically about polyester and nylon and how they differ, so read along for more information.

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The fiber you choose for your flooring matters, and it can play a massive role in the overall lifespan of your flooring. Unfortunately, that means if you choose the flooring that can't handle your traffic level or lifestyle, you’ll have to replace the materials sooner than you should have to.

Both nylon and polyester are similar and can be as durable as you need them in certain circumstances. Here are some specifics on both fibers.

Nylon is strong, abrasion-resistant, resilient, and has excellent texture retention for retaining the original look for many years. However, for the kind of stain resistance, many households require, stain protection will need to be added.

Polyester offers exceptionally stain resistance naturally, offers impressive softness, and is more affordable than many other carpets. However, this fiber is easily outperformed by nylon when standing up to heavy foot traffic.

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