I don't know about you but I love a good play. I'm fascinated not only by the plot, but by the stage setup with all the moving parts and especially the props. My fascination with a good play flows right into my designing style when I think of flooring whether it's carpet, luxury vinyl planks or kitchen floors. I think of the floor as the stage, the furniture pieces as the actors and the accessories as the props. This is really something to consider as you "put the room together". They all have their parts or should we say "lines", and when the whole thing comes together in perfect harmony it demands a rousing applause with a standing ovation. When starting a room makeover, something to ask yourself is this, "do I want my carpet or vinyl planks to steal the show or do I want them to take on more of a supporting role?"

This of course depends on your own level of risk in your personal decorating style. For example you may want your carpet to make a bold statement by using a Karastan pattern or have a subtle effect by using a simple texture allowing your furniture and accessories to be the main actors in your production. Whatever outcome you want the crowd to see, setting the stage with your choice of flooring is the first step in getting that standing ovation your room deserves! Visit our showroom at 4285 Miller Rd Flint and I will personally help you direct your own play!